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The production board, also known as a stripboard, is traditionally a cardboard or wooden chart displaying color-coded strips, each with information about a scene in the film's shooting schedule. The strips may be rearranged and laid out sequentially to represent the order the Director wants to film. 
4-panelScenes are often grouped by talent or location, but there are a number of schedule factors that contribute to the final schedule that will be represented on the production board. 
A modern version of the production board can be printed using professional film scheduling software, such as Movie Magic Scheduling, Gorilla, Celtx, or WattWenn Scheduler.

Strips contain the following information:
  • colored stripsScene Number
  • Time of Day (Sunrise/Day/Sunset/Night)
  • Number of Pages in the Scene(s)
  • The Set/Location 
  • Characters in the Scene
  • Additional Production Notes

You can purchase a production board directly from our website. 

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